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Classroom Education Program Request
Let us bring Mitchell Lake Audubon Center to you!
Step 1: Contact Information
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List of All Participating Teachers/Leaders
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Step 2: Select a Classroom Education Program
$75.00 per session with a maximum of 35 students per session and a minimum of 2 sessions per day. Sessions last approximately one hour. If there is down time between sessions, a $20.00 fee per hour will be assessed. *A $50.00 fee will be charged for Mitchell Lake Audubon Center providing a projector and/or screen.

Please note: Programs are not guaranteed until you receive written confirmation from us.
For more information about a specific program, please call us at 210-628-1639 or email us

Please select one of our progams *
List any related curricula and/or concepts you would like addressed during your visit.
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Mitchell Lake Audubon Center Will Need to Provide: *
Step 3: Select Date(s) and Times
Please select dates and alternates.

If you are requesting multiple days, please list all requested days for each first, second and third choice. Before selecting dates, please check our calendar for available dates by following this link:

Please note, we are closed Mondays.

Date(s) *
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Number of Sessions per Day (minimum of 2) *
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Available Time Frame (e.g. 9am-12pm) *
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Total Number of Students per Session *
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Step 4: Program Guideline Acknowledgement
By signing this form, your school/organization agrees to the following:

• Mitchell Lake Audubon Center’s cancellation policy: If school/organization fails to attend or cancel within ten (10) weekdays of scheduled program for any reason, school/organization is responsible for 30% of the total based upon the number of participants indicated on this form. This fee will not be assessed if Mitchell Lake Audubon Center cancels the program.

• School/Organization will provide one teacher/supervising adult for each session. Mitchell Lake Audubon Center is not responsible for student discipline.

• School/Organization will provide a computer, digital projector, and screen for Mitchell Lake Audubon Center’s use for PowerPoint presentation.

• Students must wear clothing that is comfortable and they can move in.

• Cost per session is $75; cash, check, and credit cards are accepted as arranged with Mitchell Lake Audubon Center staff prior to program.

• Mitchell Lake Audubon Center asks all participating teachers/supervising adults to complete written program evaluations which serve as an important component in our ongoing development of effective curricula and program delivery.

Step 5: Confirmation and Next Steps
Once your program request is processed, you will receive confirmation of the dates of your program and follow up by Audubon staff.
Primary Contact's Name & Date (typing your name and the date serves as your signature agreement to comply with field trip and center rules and regulations)
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