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Wingman Experience Survey
Tell us more about your experience with Wingman Aerofitness!

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Tell us where you found your Wingman Product.
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Please read the following statement and answer below. "I enjoyed my experience with Wingman enhanced beverage."
Increased nitric oxide can support many activities. What purpose did you use Wingman Aerofitness for?
Wingman AeroFitness helps to create additional nitric oxide in your body, which leads to increased blood flow. "Wingman worked for me and made me feel more active, alive, fit, well."
Wingman AeroFitness enhanced beverage contains amino acids, which promote nitric oxide production, which increases blood flow. I would drink Wingman for: (check all that apply)
Were you aware of the role of nitric oxide and its effects on the human body before learning about Wingman AeroFitness?
Wingman Aerofitness retails for $3.00-$4.00 per 8.4oz serving. Would you purchase this product again?
How often would you drink Wingman AeroFitness?
In a few descriptive words, how would you describe the Wingman Brand?
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