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Ag Chemical Off-Label Spray Survey
This informal survey is created by Angela and Glenn Pulse of Prairiesun Organics. It applies to application of agricultural pesticides applied off-label by private and commercial applicators in South Dakota. The data collected is used to gauge the level of damage and complaints across the state for aggregate reporting to our state leaders and lawmakers. See the Privacy Policy at the end of the survey for information.
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4. Opinion questions
1. Aerial applicators should be required to carry liability insurance or evidence financial responsibility for damages.
2. Commercial Ag sprayers should be required to carry liability insurance.
3. Commercial Ag sprayers should be strictly liable for off-target drift and spray.
4. Commercial aerial applicators should be tested, certified, and licensed.
5. Private applicators should be required to carry liability insurance or evidence of financial responsibility for damages.
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5. Have you ever been a victim of off-target spraying or pesticide drift?
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6. If Question 5 is yes, what was the date of the drift or off-target event?
7. If question 6 is yes, please briefly describe any damage and what was sprayed, if known. (less than 100 words)
8. If Question 5 is yes, who did you report it to?
9. If question 5 is yes, what type of applicator?
10. If question 5 is yes, what is the status of the case or outcome of the complaint?
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11. Comments and concerns:
12. Permission
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Your name and email address will not be shared with anyone without your permission. We collect your personal information only to be able to follow up with you. We use the data anonymously from this informal survey as part of our research on the topic of off-label chemical drift in South Dakota to share with lawmakers and leaders.

Updated on 17 April 2020
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