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CROW: Character-Relationship-Objective-Where
Character development is about exploring your character, your relationship to the other characters, and what you want, in a particular time and place. You are the character. Use the text to find clues about who you are. If there isn't any, as the actor, you decide who you are as a character, so long as it fits with the world created. Complete all of the entries AND write a brief backstory to develop a full character you can imagine and embody.
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You are portraying a real person on stage, known as a character. In the world of the scene/song/monologue, this character and everything they are experiencing is real. When you answer the question, you should answer them as if YOU ARE THE PERSON. In other words, use "I am..." rather than "The character is..." when you respond.
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Personality Traits--What kind of person are you? Serious, funny, truthful, liar, shy, outgoing, hard worker, lazy, etc. *
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Name three things you like. *
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Name three things that you do not like. *
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Character Center (physical character choice): With what body part do you lead? *
You are related in some way to the other person or people in the scene/song/monologue. No, that doesn't mean relationship-relationship or have to be romantic. That's just one kind of relationship. You might be teacher-student, siblings, co-workers, friends, enemies, frienemies, roommates, club team members, and the list goes on. Really think about and decide what kind of relationship you have to the other people. Whether or not they speak in the scene/song/monologue, they are present and your relationship to them matters.
Physical: How are you related to the other person? No, you cannot be strangers. You MUST know each other. *
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Emotional: How do you feel about other person? Be vulnerable here; the safe choice isn't the strongest. *
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Psychological: What do you think about other person? You know, what you really think; it's the subtext to the whole scene. *
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Everyone wants something at any given time. In this scene or monologue or song, you want something! You need to want something great enough that you cares whether or not you get it, and in turn the audience will want you to get it, too. In other words, use "I want..." rather than "The character wants..." when you respond.
Objective: What do you want? I WANT... *
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Tactics: How are you going to get it? (Hint: You might need more than one tactic as a part of your strategy to drive toward your objective.) *
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Obstacles: What is standing in your way of getting what you want? (Remember: Something or someone is blocking your desire. Describe it and why it's in the way.) *
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Stakes: What do you stand to lose if you don't get what you want? (Hint: It has to be BIG in order to be important enough for you to NEED to fight for your objective.) *
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Location, location, location...and time, as well. If you are in the Antarctic at midnight in December or on the equator at noon in summer, those locations and time will affect your character. Choose as specifically as you can.
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Describe the scenery of the physical location. Think details! *
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People are multi-faceted not just one dimensional. Characters should be played with the same truthful depth. By making a conscious decision about who you are, the better chance you have of portraying a more truthful character in a scene. So, what's important to know about you? *
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CREATE YOUR BACKSTORY! Explain everything prior to the moment in the scene. The further back you go, and the more detail you create, the more real your character will be. At the very least, explain what happened in the moments before this scene begins that lead to what takes place. USE THIS PROMPT: Let me share a bit about where I come from, who I am, and how I came to be here. You see... *
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