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BFUMC Volunteer Interest Form
Please provide the following information indicating your interest in serving at BFUMC. If you would like more insight into your gifts, here is a free resource:
Email and phone number
Is there a ministry area you would like to serve in at BFUMC not listed here (the list here is by no means complete)?
Worship attendance check in
On provided laptop, attendance would be taken by name of attendee via event listed on calendar
Volunteer Cleaning
Disinfecting key spaces between worship services, specifically, the pew cards, the elevator buttons and rails, doorknobs, and light switches. This should take less than an hour. Disinfecting supplies are at the church. Sign up will be for one week at a time. Be sure to check back for future dates!
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Disinfecting the back of the pews, once during the last week of April (April 26-30). This takes around 45 minutes for one person;
Weekly mowers, beginning mid April through Oct, of the church grounds (you provide mower). Ask that it be done by the Thursday of each week. Be sure to check back for future dates!
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Future Needs
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