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Junior Spring Survey Class of 2018
Please submit feedback regarding your senior year! Included with the feedback is questions on post high school planning, Counseling & Career Center and communication to you senior year. This information will be utilized to assist in developing programs, resources and opportunities for you!
Which of the motto best represents the Class of 2018?
After I graduate from high school, I plan to start my future in.... *
I have considered a variety of options for post high school. (Plan A, Plan B...) *
How prepared are you to move forward with your post high school plan? *
What is THE "Cost of Attendance" at the school or educational program you are planning to attend? (TOTAL COST for ONE YEAR)
How do you plan on paying for your post high school education/training?
What or who has helped you with your post high school planning? (select ALL that apply) *
Who would you have liked to gain MORE INFORMATION or TIME from to help you post high school planning? (select ALL that apply) *
What ways have you accessed the Career Center? (select all that apply) *
Have you ever attended the OSD Career & College Fair at Capital or Olympia HS? *
Resources I used for searching post high school pathways, research, etc... (select all that you have used) *
What Career & College Readiness workshops do you feel would be helpful for future students? (select all that apply) *
I have met with my School Counselor for the following PERSONAL/SOCIAL reasons. Select all that apply. *
Please check the ways the your School Counselor provided you with ACADEMIC support either individually or classroom/group setting: *
Please select the ways the Counseling Staff provided you with CAREER/COLLEGE PLANNING support either individually or in a classroom/group setting. *
Which areas of your HSBP were most valuable/helpful to you when reflecting upon planning for your future? *
Communication: What resources WOULD BE most effective for providing important SENIOR INFORMATION. (1=least helpful, 5=MOST helpful) *
Social Media Twitter
Social Media Senior Facebook Page
Career Cruising Messages
Email through Skyward - Senior Notes
Morning Announcements
Word of Mouth
Posters/Flyers around school
Senior Teachers (civic/psych)
What was your biggest challenge, if any, this year at OHS? (social, personal, academic, career related, etc...) *
What are your FAVORITE THINGS about OHS? *
What would you like to see change at OHS for 2018? *
Any other ideas on how we should we communicate important information to you throughout senior year?
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