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Student Review of Transition Year
We are currently undertaking a review of Transition Year in the school. To help us with our research we would be very grateful for your views on your experience of Transition Year in the school. We would appreciate you taking the time to complete the questionnaire below. For the purpose of this survey we would like you to base your answers only on the academic subjects i.e. Irish, English, Maths, Biology, Accounting, Home Economics, Business, Art, French, Chemistry, Physics, History, Music and Geography. (NOT MODULES)
Please note that you may complete the questionnaire anonymously and that all individual responses will be treated confidentially. The information in this questionnaire will be used by school staff to enhance teaching and learning within Transition Year.
1.What three aspects of the academic Transition Year programme did you most benefit from?
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2.What three aspects of the academic Transition Year programme did you least benefit from?
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3. For you personally, what would you consider to have been your greatest success this year within the academic subjects?
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4. What aspects of the academic Transition Year Programme would you most like to change?
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5. How would you rate your attendance in the Transition Year programme?
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6. What piece of advice would you offer a student about to begin the Transition Year Programme?
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7. Any other comments:
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