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Ang Sabi Nila V
Ang Sabi Nila is a monthly open mic that aims to reestablish the primacy of listening in the experience of poetry.

A few reminders about the Event:

(1) Our chosen theme for the month is Protest. If you can, please share with us one poem that is congruent with the theme. However, if you do not have a protest poem, we will still allow you to go up onstage.

(2) Each poet will be given 6 to 7 minutes onstage. We ask all performers to time themselves beforehand so that they are able to stick to the allotted time as closely as possible. We will remind you when you have just a minute left onstage.

(3) As a gesture of respect towards everyone (and so everyone's relaxed when we begin), all performers are requested to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show. [at 07:30 pm]

(4) Everyone is also requested to stay for the entire duration of the program. Let's listen to each other’s poetry!

(5) Commune is along Polaris, near El Chupacabra. It has a wooden door that is pushed to open. Don't hesitate to contact us at 09152210775 if you find yourself having a difficult time finding the venue.

(6) If you have zines or chapbooks or any other merchandise that you'd like to sell at ASN, just inform us. There's a space near the entrance where we can display them. We encourage everyone to promote their merchandise!

(7) All online open mic sign-ups get free entrance

(8) we have monthly video and audio recordings of all the performances. We'll be contacting everyone whose poems we love before uploading the video on youtube and facebook.

(9) We welcome poetry written in any language. If you'd like to recite poems in Tagalog, English, Bisaya, Icelandic, or even Quechua, go ahead. The stage is yours.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your words!

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