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Grand Fantasia [EN] Advent Calendar 2018
Hello everyone !
Here is the answer form for the 2018 Advent Calendar. Our CMs are very meticulous so think carefully before sending in your answer!

You only have ONE CHANCE to submit an answer. If you submit more than one all of your answers are ignored !!!

**NOTE**: You may only send in answers using 1 account and have rewards sent to only 1 server for ALL days! Use of multiple accounts will be disqualified for the entire event. If you select different servers for different days only the earliest choice will be used for rewards!

What is your Aeria account name? (Your login/username, do NOT use character name!) *
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Which server are you from? *
What day are you answering for? (Example: Day 1) *
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What is your answer? Please write it out! (ONLY use links when necessary. Example: When uploading an image.) *
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