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Debunk the Junk
Test your ability to evaluate the online news from the cyber-junk. In these stories about junk food, click on the link for each article and evaluate its source.

Things to keep in mind:

- Have you heard of this website? What kind of reputation do they have? (Google them to find out more info)

- Is the article credited to a named journalist? And what background or qualifications do they have? Even contact information or a personal staff page/bio is somewhat helpful.

- Is there an "About" page or other information available about who's responsible for the website?

- Can you find the same story being reported by other news sites?

-Can you trace the story back to real sources - businesses, organizations, real people? What concrete evidence is there that this story is true?

Remember to type your SCC email address and name before starting the quiz. Include an instructor if they're offering credit or asking you to complete this quiz.

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