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The 6th International Freedom & Focus Conference: Call For Performance Proposals
When: July 30 - August 2

Call for Proposals closes: 15 December 2019
Registration opens: 15 January 2020
Members notified of successful proposals by February 2, 2020

* If notification is needed prior to February 2, 2020, please contact

Toi Whakaari
Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre
11 Hutchison Road
Wellington 6021
New Zealand


First held in 2011,

When Catherine began the first Freedom and Focus in Barcelona in 2011, she stated her desire was to spark curiosity in the participants. This is also the central value in the Performance Festival which is open to all participants and the public and free of charge.

In the beginning, the performances sprung from a generous desire by Trems to share their creative performance work with one another and for some to revisit and reinvestigate the work done in their certification. Since 2011, the festival has remained tied to this early impulse of generosity and has always been a valuable way of exploring the third element of FB: Play.

Freedom and Focus invites proposals for performances by individuals and groups, in connection with the theme ‘Breathing is Meaning," and the wider application of Fitzmaurice Voicework®.  

At previous F&F there have been many different pieces, including solo performance, sung work, group chanting or songleading, movement, dance, full-length plays, improvisation, audience participation, etc. In some years, Trems have brought their students to perform in this venue, with work rooted in FMVW.

At the end of each evening of performances, F and F hosts a 20 minute ‘question and answer’ forum for the participants and audience members to hear and question the connection of FMVW with the performances they saw that night.  

Performance is at the heart of why Catherine developed her work - to help storytellers and singers manage their voices and the voice within them with greater ease and swiftness.  Storytelling, in many forms has been an intrinsic part of human culture for thousands of years.  At the F&F conference the evening performances have been a welcome opportunity for Trems and Participants to come together and see, hear and connect with the expressive nature of others’ work.

Performance Coordinators:
Amy Chaffee
Jedd Owen Ellis-Clark
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Preferred venue or orientation for performance? (i.e. cabaret, intimate space, proscenium (front on), traverse (football stadium), in the round? smaller vs. bigger). We have little choice over the venue once they have been set but in the past we have tried to find the right space for every performance. *
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