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Mastering for Syrphe
Here is a quick note regarding your mastering and a few questions to render the process a bit easier and quicker.
If you provide me digital files, I would like to have them rendered at 16bit and 44.1kHz minimum but 24bit/44.1kHz minimum would be better. If you only have a lower rendered format (16bit/30kHz for example) this is not the end of the world, no worries but this will affect the sound quality if it is not made on purpose of course.
If you want to send me a file recorded on a physical media, feel free to send me on the following ones : audio cassette, CDr, CD, DVD, DVDr, vinyl, minidisc. If you have any other format (DCC, diskette, reel-to-reel, etc. please tell me in advance).
As much as possible, please DON'T de-noise your files unless you really know what you are doing. I've heard real massacres published on CD or on vinyl, so if you need a de-noising to be done, ask me or anyone else who is used to do this job.
I will NOT normalise your final mastering at 0dB as various conversion processes coming later might peak and create distortions, for a CD, the master will be at around -0.2/0.3dB to prevent any peaking to occur due to digital to analogue processing ; for digital files, the same applies, no normalisation at 0dB, as digital platforms such as Bandcamp offer to convert your files to various formats : FLAC, wav, mp3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, AIFF, during the conversion, some volume variations/clipping may occur.
Also, please beware, if your source files are mp3's or ogg's, rendering them in wav or aiff will in no way improve the audio quality ! If you want to keep a similar quality than the original uncompress files, use lossless compression like flac.
If you need me to upload your release on Bandcamp, including tagging, text, links, etc. it is possible but we need to agree on the costs and I should receive a temporary password only, not a permanent one !
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