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#SaveTheStudio Petition
One of the oldest student organizations at the UAlbany, the University Photo Service, is currently in jeopardy of losing the office that has housed our studio and meeting space for the last 50+ years. Campus Center Management has suddenly given us a Feb. 15, 2019 deadline to vacate our office with plans to move two new university initiatives into our current space. *EDIT: After meeting with the administration, we have extended this deadline until the end of the current semester in May 2019. We have bought ourselves more time, but we still face eviction in just two short months.

The alternative space CC Administration wants us to move to does not provide the space necessary for our productions or the volume of attendance in our meetings.

What CC Management fails to understand is that our relocation (into a new office the size of a closet) will severely damage the clubs productions and may ultimately lead to the dissolving of our historic org. Our operations rely so heavily on the nature of our current space (adequate space for our studio setup, our archives of 50 years worth of TORCH yearbooks, our built-in darkroom, and the capacity for up to 50 of our members at a time to actively participate during photoshoots.) These, all technical issues, are alongside the loss of a historic room that has produced countless careers, friendships, relationships, even marriages, due to the special environment created by decades of student members, allowing for personal growth in each member and some of the strongest relationships among any group of students on this campus.

Ask any of our members, past or present, how important our unique room is to the essence of the club. The history of our room is what keeps many of our members so interested and continuously returning to our meetings each week. The quality of the work that is produced from our organization is the result of the experience we give each of our members,—
a safe, very approachable and truthfully, very fun environment. Our room serves as a place to view the physical archives of photographed history on our campus and student life downtown, create strong relationships and bonds with students of similar interests and talents, and give access to a place providing skill development and experience using professional studio equipment and film development materials; We have produced generations of highly respected alumni, many of whom with successful careers in photography that they heavily credit on their membership with Photo Services during their college years.

A respected organization that has documented half a century’s worth of history at our school is depending on the quick action of students, faculty, and alumni to contact the the UAlbany Alumni Association, the Office of Campus Planning, and the Campus Center Management with your strongly worded messages of dissatisfaction with this decision and your request urging the administration to protect their own source of history and LET US STAY.

Michael N. Christakis,
Vice President of Student Affairs

Michael Jaromin
Executive Director of Student Involvement

Alumni Association*

Karla Benitez, Associate Director of Campus Center Management
(518) 442-5491

Chris Bischoff, Office of Campus Planning

Provost Elga Wulfert /

Office of Campus Planning
(518) 442-3400

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