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Personal Trainer/Strength Coach/Fitness Manager Position
Personal Trainer/Strength Coach/Fitness Manager Position

Do not even apply unless you are an overachiever and can prove it. Come build an empire within our growing and super successful personal training company. We are in the group personal training, 1 on 1 and back pain relief industry with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. We hire top producers. If you are average you can earn 55k with us. If you are a star you can earn 80k plus.

EarthFIT is a rapidly growing Body-Mind Transformation Center that has 2 facilities located in the beautiful coastal town of Beaufort, South Carolina.

We are currently seeking hard working entrepreneurial minded trainer/coaches who have aspirations of managing or running their own facility in the future.

We specialize in 30 minute group training sessions designed to get people in optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible. Our program is designed for people who value their time and health and are looking for quality coaches and trainers.

This opportunity offers set training hours in the morning and evening with the potential to earn a salary, bonuses and a percentage of revenue for the location. Our trainers average after a year with us is roughly 40-50k depending on the trainer’s motivation and experience.

The right person would have a proven track record of success in other areas of life, always striving for growth and looking to be the best they can be. They would practice what they preach, workout consistently and eat healthy.

They would have a faith and belief in achieving something greater.

The candidate will be taught trade secrets for guaranteed fitness business success. You must have experience and love working with people from all walks of life. Seventy percent of our clients are ages 40-60 years old but we do work with teens, athletes and seniors.

Our clients are mostly working professional like doctors, lawyers, dentist, executives, entrepreneur etc. and their families and they expect a certain level of savvy, knowledge and professionalism.

We also specialize in back pain relief using our internationally recognized Back Pain Relief4Life program where we certify each trainer in the program.

- You want to be a collegiate strength coach
- You are not a morning person
- You are not self motivated
- You think you know it all when it comes to business and training
- You are closed minded
- You are not aligned with a holistic approach to life and health
- You are not a team player
- Have a high level cert. preferably CSCS or are in the process of obtaining the cert. or
- Have a college degree
- Love working and pride yourself on working hard
- Played at least some college athletics
- Have a passion and love for training, and
- Are also motivated to make a good living in this industry without killing yourself in the process, then this opportunity is a good fit for you.

The current location we are seeking to have you start at is located in a gorgeous, growing and affluent community called Lady's Island. You will discover a beautiful 3600 square foot training studio tailored to functional training with mostly free weights.

If you feel you have the ability to train a full schedule of clients, manage a location and get paid in direct proportion to the value that you have to offer this is a perfect opportunity.

Job Requirements

You will be required to:

- Execute group training programs and 1 on 1 training
- Organize and set up the training for the day
- Complete weekly weigh-ins and necessary coaching based on goals
- Keep the training area clean
- Emailing clients
- Keep clients engaged, getting results and providing an amazing experience
- Have at least an 80% retention and conversion rate
- Practice what you preach and truly live a healthy lifestyle
- Pursue excellence

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