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151MM Social Media Manager/Website Manager Application 2017-2018
Thank you for your interest in 151MM!

The responsibilities of social media manager and website manager are as follows:

Social Media manager:
- Write and post about event updates, including interest meetings, screenings, bake sales, issue releases etc., on the 151MM Facebook page.
- Update social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) with links to website, to be found on the social media calendar.
- Post images of events and everyday production
- Interact with and responds to followers
- Make efforts to increase followers

Web Manager:
- Ensure articles are uploaded on time
- Implement structural and stylistic changes to
- Update website with new articles and news
- Find Wordpress/CSS solutions to realize desired changes (install plugins etc.)
- Update website with new staff bios
- Train and manage transition process with successor


If you don't have experience with website maintenance or social media platforms, not to worry—we can provide you with training. What we're looking for is someone who's responsible and passionate : )

Deadline: Midnight, Sunday 12.17.17

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(Social Media Applicants only) Sample posts
Now is the time to demonstrate your post-writing skills! Open the link below for instructions on how to submit your sample posts:

(Social Media Applicants only) Post your link here
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What are your biggest time commitments besides school? (clubs, sports, etc.)
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What are your ideas for 151MM's future on social media? For the website? (200 words or less)
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Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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