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Invateck Focus Groups
Focus group members are an integral part of Invateck's continued success. By polling the public, Invateck is able to gather qualitative data on the customer experience and focus our energy on improving our products.

Joining one of our focus groups allows you to contribute directly to the development of cutting-edge investment software and provides networking and career opportunities. The more you contribute, the more influence you have and the more exposure you receive.

Below you will find some answers to common questions regarding our focus groups.

How often does Invateck hold focus groups?
Focus groups are held on an as-needed basis. With an array of topics with which we are s seeking feedback there may be several different group meetings taking place in any given month.
What type of person is Invateck seeking for their focus groups?
We are looking for participants that range across the board regarding age, gender, race, education and economic status. Everyone is encouraged to join.
What format are these focus groups administered in?
Focus groups are scheduled in a variety of ways. Sometimes a simple survey may be emailed to a focus group member to complete on their own time. Other times, they may be asked to participate in an online video conference call where they can interact with Invateck and other group members. And sometimes even a focus group member may be asked to participate in an in-person luncheon event that may be a one-time gathering or multiple times over the course of a few weeks.
How does my participation offer potential 'employment opportunities' and 'networking'?
We are a growing company and always looking for bright, insightful, and passionate people to join our team. By participating in our focus groups, members are given a unique opportunity to present themselves. Also, this exposure and self-promotion translates well in group settings where networking can take place with other members. Joining a focus group is not encouraged solely as a method for finding a job, but it can be a nice side effect.
Must I participate in every group I am invited to?
Of course not. Participation in any focus groups is at-will and you have no obligation to partake. Some surveys may be sent out and your participation is appreciated, but not mandatory. One request however, is that if you are invited to a web meeting or in-person event and you respond with a commitment to attend, please keep that commitment as it may be a limited participation event relying on your attendance.
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