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Welcome to Registration for Sunday School 2019-20 at Christ The King!
SAVE THE DATE: September 8, 2019, is our Fall Rally Day.
You will meet your Sunday School teachers, make a snack, play some games and help make our First Responder Appreciation gift that will be distributed on 9/11.
In Need of Teachers and /or Substitutes...
Please consider adding your name to the teacher list. The more people that we have that are willing to teach the less often you will need to commit as we will be able to create teams of teachers for grade levels rather than having only one or two people. The lessons will be prepped and ready to go for you, so you can pick up the materials to preview prior to teaching or the materials will be in the classroom ready for you on the day of the lesson. Thank you!
In Need of Participants on the Adventure Team for Youth
We are looking for people interested in working together to help support our youth activities. Things that we work on are: fundraising to support our youth camp scholarships, the Christmas program and other events, sharing ideas to offer fun and interesting activities for our children.
*You will need to submit a form for each child that will be enrolled in Sunday School. Please start with the oldest sibling attending Sunday School. This helps in communicating with families by age groups/grades. Thank you!
Child Information
Last Name *
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First Name *
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Child's Age Group or Grade in Sunday School will be (note: If your child has a birthday during the Sunday School year, just like a regular school year, he/she will remain in the class he/she started in through May): *
Please state any medical/allergy/learning concerns that we should be aware of:
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I give consent for photographs and audio/visual filming of the child that I am registering to be taken and used on the web (ex: CTK website/fb/etc.). *
Parent/Guardian Information
First & Last Name(s) (include Second Household info, if applicable) *
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You ONLY need to enter the following information for the oldest sibling attending Sunday School (if it is the same for all siblings).
Best Phone Numbers to reach you during Sunday School (include Second Household info, if applicable)
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Email(s) to receive communications re: Sunday School Events & News (Include Second Household info, if applicable)
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We need YOU!
I can help with:
If you are able to help during the Sunday School year, please list your name & include the best way to contact you (if different from the email and phone number you entered above). If you have a preference of ages, please list the age range, too. Thank you!
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