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Are you returning to participate in Bellaire Debate for 2023-2024? *
2023-2024 will represent my _____ year in high school debate. *
2023-2024 I will be in *
What event would you like to do in 2023-2024? (check all that apply) *
If your choice is PF, who would you prefer to debate with?  (names listed are not guaranteed but will be taken into consideration). *
List all dates (7 days or more) that you will not be in Houston during June, July and August (include what you will be doing during time away). *
Which of the choices listed best describes the highest goal you are willing to work to achieve in 2023-2024? *
First day of school is August 28.  I would like to sign up for the following early season tournaments:  (I understand that if I don't sign up at this point that I must email Mr. Stubbs at no later than August 1 to sign up) *
During 2023-2024 there is an expectation that to be considered for any out of town (including TFA State) that you will participate in regular work sessions with Mr. Stubbs starting with a minimum of 3 prior to the first day of school. *
Boys and girls...girls and boys...citizens of the universe...__________. *
The safest place inside a circle is the ___________. *
Champions play on __________.
Every choice we make is made for the __________. *
Basic debate rule #1A...the judge is the __________ person in the room. *
Basic debate rule #1B...the judge is the __________ person in the room. *
Basic debate rule #1C...any time you assume the judge knows something they generally ____________. *
When determining a line of questioning, the first thing you need to identify is __________.
What is the mininum number of questions you should be able to get in during the first 15 seconds of questioning? *
You can beat 85 percent of the people at nationals if you are __________. *
Every DDP Philosophy video ends with a message.  What is that message? *
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