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Syllabus Form: Bio 2
Read through the following syllabus and fill in the form below. Filling out this form is a required homework grade for your child.
Page 1 of Syllabus Rules and Expectations
Page 2 of Syllabus
Student's Name
Provide the student's name typed
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Parent's Name
Provide one or both parents'/ guardians' names
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Parents' Email
Provide parents' email. If you do not have an email just type in a home phone number.
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Student's Email
Provide student's email. If you chose not to do this that is fine. IT is OPTIONAL!
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Parent's Cell Phone Number
Provide one Cell Phone Number of a Parent or Guardian (No dashes)
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Parent's Cell Phone Provider
Provide the Cell Phone Provider for the Cell Number Given. This is used if Mr. McCall needs to send a message to a Parent by test. Thank you.
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