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The purpose of this survey is to analyze the effectiveness of teaching and learning process. Your suggestions may help us to attain the objectives of the program and improve the quality of education.
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1.The course stimulates self interest ?
2.The course was delivered as outlined in the syllabus
3.The syllabus was explained at the beginning of the course
4.Well organized presentations
5.Given good examples and illustrations
6.Gained an understanding of fundamental concepts and other important ideas relevant to the course
7.Encouraged questions and class participation
8.Learnt new techniques and methods from this course
9. Understood the relevance of the course to apply to real world
10.Course assignments and lectures complemented each other for design development/ Projects
11.Course will help to appear in any competitive examination
12.The objectives of the course mapped with its outcomes
13.The course outcomes help to attain PEO's
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