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Services 2019 - Church Family Survey
I'm looking for your thoughts
Hi. I'm about to commence the task of looking at next year's worship services - their themes, teaching content, types of music, visiting speakers and other aspects of our church praise and worship. As I set about this I'd like to hear from you. Below are some specific questions and also a summary section where you can add any comments. While I can't promise that all your suggestions will be acted upon this year, I'd be grateful for your thoughts. It is great to have you as part of our church family!
Yours in Him,
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Service content
Over the past two years teaching and preaching has been a combination of blocks of thematic sermons and blocks of weeks looking at a particular book from the Bible (for example we have just completed 8 weeks on the letter to the Ephesians and over the summer we had 4 weeks on 'Sailing with Jesus'. We also have 'specials' such as the uniformed organisations' dedication service, the Fishmarket service and Remembrance.
Do you find the variety of blocks of teaching helpful?
If you wish, please comment
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What topics would you like to hear sermons on in the future?
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Invited guest speakers
This past year a few invited speakers have been unavailable, however, for 2019 the following have already been invited: MAF; Open Doors; The Scottish Bible Society; The Vine Trust.
Is there a particular Christian organisation or mission not mentioned above you would be interested in hearing about from an invited speaker?
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This can be a thorny subject! I try to chose hymns and songs which are relevant to the theme of the service or are meaningful in giving praise to the Lord (no, they are not just the minister's favourite hymns!). Hymns and songs are chosen from those known by the congregation before I came to Macduff, a smaller proportion of traditional hymns and the introduction of hymns and contemporary songs from a variety of sources perhaps new to the congregation.

The format of 11.00am worship has changed slightly recently and the current music pattern is basically a block of 2 praise songs of approach and worship; 1 song relating to Junior Church; 1 song in preparation for the sermon and a final song either related to the sermon topic or by way of dedication and commitment to close the service and encourage us as we go out to the coming week. I believe it would be helpful, over time, to move away from the traditional structure to having a number of songs together in blocks.

Do you have any comment on the variety of songs and hymns?
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Is there a favourite or meaningful hymn or song you'd like us to sing?
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Do you have a comment on the format of the 11am service?
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As we look at various options for worship, if you attend the 6.00pm service it would be good to have your thoughts. There is a separate section for PowerPraise. One of the questions below relates to the time of the evening service. This is to informally gauge the views of those attending - please note that while the content of worship is the responsibility of the minister, decisions on the times and frequency of services are the responsibility of the Kirk Session.
Do you think the current monthly pattern of 3 Sundays of more traditional format and 1 Sunday of PowerPraise works?
Do you think we should continue as we are for the present or look to change the general pattern of the 6.00pm service? Please give details or your suggestions.
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Do you think 6pm is the right time for the evening service?
If 'No' or 'Not sure' above, what would be your suggestion and why?
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PowerPraise was developed to enable different forms of worship, more geared to older teens and young adults while being meaningful for all ages. By its very nature there is no set pattern or format. Additionally, it would be true to say that PowerPraise is still in its infancy and will 'grow' over time.
Have you found the introduction of PowerPraise to be a positive move?
Comment on PowerPraise:
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In conclusion
Is there anything that would make worship at our church more meaningful or enjoyable for you?
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Do you have any further comments?
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Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to complete this little survey. Thank you, too, for supporting the work of Macduff Parish Church and me as minister.

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