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Call for Papers - Barcelona Software Crafters 2019
Please read this information before submitting your proposal:
Due date: 2019/06/16

All the personal information that you provide will be used only by organization's members in order to manage your proposal for the software crafters conference of 2019.
If your talk is accepted you name, twitter, photo, bio will be published to the website together with session's information

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Have you ever delivered a talk? (in the SCBCN conference or any other one). We invite all first-time speakers to use the SCBCN as their sandbox.
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We will try to bargain for a hotel discount depending on how many people is planning to lodge in
Do you want to be payed in concept of travel + hotel? *
We’ll send out an email to the selected speakers with the final expenses amount we can cover, so you can confirm if you’ll be finally attending or not. Our intention is to cover the maximum amount as we can, by the moment we expect to be able to pay expenses up to 200€ per speaker
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If you're more than 1, please specify all the names and bios in the previous fields. If you need to be more than 2 speakers, please tell us why in the last option.
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This description is the one we'll use in the conference website in order to give to the attendees an idea of what your talk is about. Try to be concise but specify the main points of your talk. Please, send us the description in the preferred session language.
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