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PraXis Get to Know You
All information will be kept strictly confidential. Answers do not disqualify someone from the program. The PraXis program is a survey of the efficacy of wellness practices in a Christian context. The program is not a church, nor is it medically diagnostic or therapeutic in nature.  More info on the program www.PraXisWellness.Center

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Welcome to the PraXis Wellness Change. Sept 21 to Nov 11. Tell us a little about yourself.
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How did you hear about this program? *
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Spiritual Affiliation
If affiliated, how averse or engaged are you with the institution of your religious affiliation
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Are you engaged in a spiritual community outside of an institutional church
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If you currently exercise, how often do you exercise
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If you exercise, what form do you engage in
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How averse or interested are you with fitness practices
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Do you have experience with following dietary disciplines
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How averse or interested are you with the idea of dietary disciplines
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Do you have experience with any of the following silent practices
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How averse or interested are you in silent practices
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How would you rate the feeling of your overall physical health. (One is the healthiest you have ever felt with five being currently feeling unhealthy).
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Please check any of the follow injuries or conditions. Check all that apply.
Do you have trauma history that might factor into your participation in the PraXis program? (we are not asking for specifics)
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In future surveys, would you be willing to disclose emotional and mental health challenges?
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Are there any other specific physical, or mental health challenges you think we should be aware of at this time?
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