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International Affairs Association Application Fall 2018
Please fill out the form below to apply to the IAA. Applications are due at 5:00PM on Friday, September 7th, and interviews will be conducted on Saturday, September 8th. You can apply for as many positions as you like, but you will have to interview for each position separately. A list of all the branches and descriptions of positions is below; you may apply to multiple branches and can be selected as an A-Level for up to 2.

If you have any holistic questions, please email Matt Simon (President) at or Amanda Warren (Vice President) at For branch-specific questions, please contact the relevant party.
Academic Affairs:

The Academic Affairs branch of the IAA encompasses all events and resources related to international affairs outside of Model UN. This branch hosts events, serves as a connector to professors and professionals in international-related careers, keeps members informed about current events and international issues, and provides a forum for academic discussion. Examples of Academic Affairs initiatives include creating a student run policy research initiative, planning meals with professors and professionals in relevant fields, arranging student-driven discussions of international politics, inviting lecturers and guest speakers to present on campus, and planning a trip to Washington DC in the Fall and New York in the Spring. Questions may be directed to Director Pablo Golac at

Community Outreach and Engagement:

Community Outreach and Engagement is the IAA's outlet for community service. We have a region of focus each year - this year it is South America- and plan school module visits in different Philadelphia high schools. During the spring we organize our flagship conference for over 400 students and have guest speakers along with breakout simulations. Along with these, we will organize workshops on building personal skills for students and a philanthropy event.

We are looking for around 13 assistant directors who will fill the roles within content, outreach, business, external affairs, operations, and new initiatives. We truly are looking for a diverse range of skills and A-:evels will get the opportunity to explore different roles within COE. We hope to take on assistants who are just as passionate and proactive as we are and have an interest in reaching out to students in the greater Philadelphia area. Questions may be directed to Director of COE Cameron Ittner at


Intercol, Penn's competitive Model United Nations team, is one of the largest branches in the IAA and looking for new members to join. We are the Number #2 Model UN team in North America for the 2017-18 school year. Made up of 40 members from all walks of life and all over Penn, we spend around an hour a week on practice along with additional prep as necessary for conferences.

We are looking for around 15 new members this upcoming year. Though no MUN experience is required at all, successful candidates will be able to think creatively, have excellent public speaking/debate skills, be interested in the world around them, and most importantly, be passionate about joining intercol as a team and a family. If you have any questions, contact Director of Intercol Noah Levine at


The Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (colloquially referred to as ILMUNC) is the largest high school Model UN conference in North America; it annually attracts over 3,000 delegates from across the globe. ILMUNC as a branch is responsible for the administrative and logistical planning that goes into the conference, which is held over four days in late January every year. You can learn more about the conference, as well as about the individual members of our Secretariat, at

As one of the largest branch of the IAA, we are one big family; from ILMUNC & IAA-wide meetings to having a "lineage" to inter-branch mixers and other social events, there are tons of fun ways that ILMUNC can help you acclimate to Penn and become a part of your college career.

Note that you DON'T need to have experience with Model UN to apply. We're not looking for a specific type of person. We're just seeking those who like interacting in groups (on projects and at social events), and are looking to make an impact on the biggest student-run club on Penn's campus. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to Fiona Bardhoshi, Secretary-General, at or Owen Abaatu, Director-General, at We'd love to hear from you!


The University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference or UPMUNC for short is, as the name implies, the IAA’s collegiate model United Nations conference. UPMUNC is responsible for organizing all aspects of the conference including substantive debate, operations, business and special events. The conference is attended by over 1000 delegates and staffed by all members of the IAA.

This year UPMUNC is taking 24 A-levels. We envision our A-levels working closely with members of our secretariat to help plan the conference. As planning the conference requires a wide range of work, we are looking for a diverse set of backgrounds and are confident we can find a role for anyone. Specifically, our roles include planning events, helping run and manage committees, assisting with the website and operations and establishing business partnerships. Questions may be directed to Secretary-General Dano Major at or Director-General Santi Pereira at

Secretary Board:

Secretary Board, otherwise know as Sec Board, is largely behind the operations of the IAA. Secretary Board is made up of three functional groups: Web, Design, and Public Relations. Web creates and maintains the websites within the IAA. Design focuses on graphic design, particularly creating marketing material for IAA events as well as design of apparel. Public Relations is made up of Social Media, who manage the social media accounts, the Ambassador, an internal publication of the IAA similar to BuzzFeed, and Alumni Relations. No experience is necessary and we encourage everyone to apply! Contact Secretary Cass Dinh at or Mayha Shah at

Special Events:

The Special Events branch of the IAA, SPEV is the glue of the IAA, working to bring together people from all corners of the club. We do this through organising a range of events for the IAA, ranging from intimate dinners, fun weekend getaways, receptions that offer the opportunity to interact with alumni, random events such as paintball, to a decked-out formal we host at the end of each semester.

We are looking for A-Levels to help in creating and fostering these inter-IAA relationships. If you're looking for a tight-knit family, the opportunity to meet people and to get your hands dirty we would love to have you! Because A-Levels on SPEV work across all the different events we run, there's really the opportunity to find things you enjoy - whether that be taking more of a lead with communicating with the IAA community, coordinating event logistics, or being the friendly face people see when they come in the door. We can't wait to meet you! Feel free to contact Director of Special Events (DSPEV) Anessa Amin

The Consul:

The Consul is looking for staff writers and layout editors. Staff writers report on events in other countries with the freedom to structure articles in any format - editorial, investigative travel piece, interview, or research paper. Layout editors make the articles look amazing in print and on The Consul's online blog. Staff writers and layout editors are freshmen through seniors interested in writing, design, and/or international news; no previous experience with layout is required. Contact Editor-in-Chief Jordan Dewar at

Partnerships and International Aid:

Partnerships and International Aid is the newest IAA initiative; it fosters partnerships with groups that share the same values as the IAA and plans fundraising events to raise money for a charity that will be voted on by the entire IAA. PIA is looking for people who care about international philanthropic efforts and synergizing with groups that share the same visions as the IAA. No experience in any field is required, just an interest in making an impact! Interested parties can reach out to Director (DPIA) Divya Rao at

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