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LOSE ME. ARCs request
Thank you for requesting my book. I hope that we'll work together and that you'll enjoy it. PLEASE NOTE: I am not accepting first-time reviewers, as I only work with experienced bloggers/book reviewers. Thank you for your respect. After submitting, just sit tight and you will receive an email if you have been approved, based on your honest answers.
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Read the free sample of Lose Me and share your thoughts (you can find it here: ). This question is really important and your answer will help me decide if the book is for you or not your cup of tea, so take time with your answer! *
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Note: Please be aware that we are not able to send free books to readers who do not post reviews on at this point. First-time reviewers are also not eligible. If you are not an amazon us reviewer, we will not be able to send you a free copy. Feel free to read the book here instead: . Thanks for understanding! *
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