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Parenting Coaching Programs Designed for Military Families
Hi Ya'll! My name is Grace Lipscomb.

I am a fellow military spouse and a trained marriage and family therapist and the blogger behind Adventures of a Young Wife. I am launching an online parenting coaching platform, geared towards military spouses and parents to help address the unique challenges of parenting in the military. I am interested in your feedback and input so I can create the most helpful system for you to rock this parenting life! Thank you so much for completing my survey. If you are interested in hearing more about my products and services, please leave your email address at the end and I will add you to my mailing list! If this does not apply to you or you know someone else who this might apply to, PLEASE send it along!

Thank you so much for you help!

If there was a parenting coaching program designed to meet the unique needs of military families, would you use it?
Would you use an online parenting coaching platform to help you as a parent?
What would make your life easier when it came to being an effective parent during military transitions?
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What format would be the most helpful in conveying the information?
What issues would you want to be addressed?
How often would you want new information to be added?
How much would you pay for this kind of service or program?
Tell me what you would want to see in a Parenting Coaching Program for military families.
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As a marriage and family counselor I am an expert in parenting strategies and attitude that help parents have happy healthy children, grow into productive and happy adults. I also know the struggle of parenting through all the ups, downs, and transitions of military life. My goal is to create a unique parenting program designed specifically for military families. What is your initial reaction to this?
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What could make this idea better?
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If you are interested in learning more or be informed of services, please leave your email below
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