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Are these lessons for a minor child?  If so, please state the child's age.  Please note, age 6 is the youngest JD can teach due to the child's attention span and level of commitment to homework.
This studio was recently built onto a home in a residential neighborhood.  This was done to be able to lower the cost of lessons and bring the savings to you by JD not having to rent studio space anymore.  It is a non-smoking and pet-friendly studio.  There are two friendly dogs on the premises that do not bite, but they may bark if they see you until they get to know you.  You may bring your dog to play if he/she is friendly and has their rabies shot.  Please do not smoke cigarettes or weed on the property.  There are also chickens, a bunny, and a cat on the property.  Please acknowledge that you are alight with a home studio situation.
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Parents may wait in the studio, wait in the backyard gazebo area, or they may drop off their student and come back to pick them up.  Wifi is available.  We have a hot tub on the property.  We try to keep it locked when not in use.  Please initial below that if you bring a small child you will watch them around the hot tub and the bar for their safety.  No one under 21 can drink alcohol at the bar.  Please do not let your small children break or damage any of our Granddaughter's toys or play things of hers that may be laying in the backyard.  The bunny and chickens may be fed treats, but please do not pick up or frighten the animals.  
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Payments:  We accept all types of payments.  We have a shopify credit card machine, we have venmo, zelle, paypal, apple pay, G-pay, and we take cash and checks.
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Sometimes we sell merchandise for the band or the studio (t-shirts, stickers, decals, music books, guitar strings) we also do guitar repair.  We do have a valid CA seller's permit, and that can be shown upon request.  
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A music book "may" be required in order to do the lessons.  This book is usually around $12 on amazon or kindle.
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