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Data Subject Requests Form - Bolser
This form is to comply with the Data Subject Rights Policy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which affect all products and solutions created by the Ashley Bolser Agency Limited (aka Bolser)*.

Depending on the time period in which your request has been read and acknowledged, the maximum allowance of time given to Bolser to complete this request, is within one month (30 days).

If you would like us to help remove your personal data from any of our Clients (for example, from Microsoft) then please feel free to fill in the form below, and we will contact our Client to request to remove the data from that specific website or application.

*This form applies to all websites and applications made by Bolser.
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This is so we are able to search for you Personal Data on our websites, applications or databases.
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This will only apply to websites or applications that you have signed up to using a specific username.
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Please note that any changes to your data, if it is to modify, restrict or change your data, may affect the usage of the website or application that you are trying to access.  Also, some requests to restrict will not be able to be processed, if the request will affect any required data to operate the website or application.
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This email address WILL NOT be used for any other purpose, except to notify yourself of when this process has completed.  We will delete your response on this form, request and email address 60 days after your request has been completed.
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