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Eurno & Something Decent Enumivo Giveaway
This is the official entry form for the Enumivo giveaway by Eurno & Something Decent. The giveaway is being conducted through Something Decent's Twitter account. The competition will have multiple winners all sharing 1,000 Enumivo main net tokens equally between them.


The giveaway will see ten people all receive a prize of 100 Enumivo tokens (ENU) worth ~0.012 Ethereum each at the time of writing this. The tokens are to be sent to an Enumivo wallet which is registered through and has a username bound to it. The entrants to the competition will NOT be expected to pay for gas, that will be covered by Something Decent.


- The giveaway will be live from July 9th 2018 until October 1st 2018.
- Each participant is limited to one entry and anyone who is found to enter more than once will be disqualified
- Participants must provide genuine information or risk being disqualified
- Participants must complete all the tasks listed on this form to enter the giveaway


To enter giveaway there are a couple very simple tasks which have to be completed they are:

- Participants must follow @SummitDecent and @Eurno on Twitter
- Participants must retweet the pinned post on the Something Decent Twitter account regarding this giveaway
- Participants must join the Enumivo Telegram channel
- Participants must remain a member on all social channels until the winners are drawn


Eurno reserves the right to disqualify anyone from the competition for whatever reason they see fit. While the competition will be conducted in an open and honest manner, to retain integrity and sovereignty Eurno has the right to close this giveaway if it is deemed necessary. All funds being distributed as part of this giveaway are from the personal wallet of the Eurno founder, Paul Singh.

Have you read and understood the rules above? *
Please follow @SummitDecent ( and @Eurno ( on Twitter and submit a link to your Twitter profile *
Please make sure you list as follows:
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Please retweet the following tweet ( and post a link to your retweet below *
Please ensure you post a link to your retweet and not the status from @SummitDecent
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Please join the Enumivo Telegram channel ( and submit your Telegram user link *
You will need to have set your username to get your username link. More information available here:
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Enter your Enumivo wallet username
You do not need to have an Enumivo account to enter but you will need to make one if you are one of the winners.
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If you like the giveaways I conduct and wish to support my project ( please donate some ETH or ERC20 tokens to "somethingdecent.eth" and place your TX code below. Alternatively send some main net ENU to "summitdecent". This is NOT required.
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