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Last Letter Home Registration
The 36th Illinois in conjunction with the Independent Rifles are proud to announce Last Letter Home immersion event, May 14th-16th 2021. This is event will focus on the events near Dallas Ga in May of 1864. We will be portraying the 24th Wisconsin opposed by the 16th Louisiana and Austin’s Bttn. The event will be held on several hundred acre’s of private property near Covington Indiana.

Please complete the required fields in the form below and submit registration fees of $25 via PayPal to (send as Friends & Family).

You are not completely registered until you have submitted this form AND paid registration fees.
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Have you read the event requirements/guidelines and will you agree to comply with all aspects to include appearance, behavior, and prohibition of cell phones, modern tobacco, and all modern anachronisms, including modern political talk? *
Do you agree to arrive with only the appropriate clothing, accoutrements and equipment as described within the 'Impression Guidelines' on the proceeding page and comply with the requirement to have only high quality kit? *
Do you agree to stay until the conclusion of the event on Sunday, May 16, 2021, barring any unforeseen occurrences? We agree to have you on the road home before noon. *
Do you agree to conduct yourself with appropriate military decorum throughout the event, respect your weekend officers and NCOs, drill when told to drill, march when told to march, and stand picket during the night?
Do you understand that failing to comply with any of the above WILL result in your immediate dismissal from the event and/or denial from future events?
By checking this box and submitting this form, I confirm that I will adhere to the impression guidelines established here, and will obey all rules and procedures set forth by The 36th Illinois Infantry. I understand that acting in an unsafe or unprofessional manner may result in removal from the event, at the discretion of the organizers. I also understand that the 36th Illinois Infantry, its individual members, and the property owners, are in no way responsible for any injury, dismemberment, disability, death incurred, or personal property lost, stolen, or damaged during the activities I attend on May 14th-16th 2021. I will hold harmless 36th Illinois Infantry, its individual members, the property owners, in relation to any loss, damage, injury, death, or other consequence of my participation. *
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