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National Committee Interest Form 2020-2021
Phi Lambda Sigma is looking for highly interested candidates to serve on our committees in tangible ways that will advance the work of the committees, the organization, and our profession.

The Society has a wonderful think tank of persons with great ideas for our organization and our profession. In addition to the continued development of innovative ideas, we are looking for persons of action to help turn these ideas into reality.

In an effort to allow our members more opportunities to serve on the national level, we have expanded the number of committees this year and are looking forward to working with you. We hope that the variety of committees will highlight each member's individual skills and talents.
Standing Committees

Alumni Engagement Committee:
The purpose of the Alumni Engagement Committee is to provide leadership and support to the Phi Lambda Sigma Executive Committee in order to establish and perpetuate fellowship among the alumni of PLS.

Awards Committee:
The purpose of the Awards Committee is to support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders in the pharmacy profession. This committee is chaired by the President-elect.

Bylaws Committee:
The purpose of the Bylaws Committee is to ensure the bylaws of Phi Lambda Sigma are updated to current operations and needs of the society. This committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian.

Communications Committee:
The purpose of the Communications Committee is to engage Phi Lambda Sigma members in an effort to retain and inform alumni and promote the society as a whole.

Finance Committee:
The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist the Phi Lambda Sigma National Executive Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to the monitoring and oversight of the society’s financial resources and strategies. This committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President.

International Affairs Committee:
The International Affairs Committee serves the purpose of building relationships with pharmacy schools outside of the United States, with the intent to establish international Phi Lambda Sigma Chapters.

Ad Hoc Committees

Programming Committee:
The purpose of the Programming Committee is to develop programming for Phi Lambda Sigma events, including the National Meeting.

Student Engagement Committee:
The purpose of the Student Engagement Committee is to work closely with our collegiate chapters to foster opportunities for engagement and development of student leaders.
DRAFT COMMITTEE CHARGES (to be finalized with appointed chairperson)
Alumni Engagement Committee:
1. Promote the general welfare of Phi Lambda Sigma to enhance the image, quality, and reputation of the organization.
2. Build a sound membership base of alumni, faculty, and honorary members to foster lifelong leadership and engagement within the profession of pharmacy.
3. Ensure continued communication between its alumni and members to enhance national awareness and visibility of Phi Lambda Sigma.
4. Strengthen the ties between its members through opportunities for networking, collaboration, mentoring, and continuing education.
5. Raise funds to be utilized at the Alumni Engagement Committee’s discretion with approval from the Executive Committee.

Awards Committee:
1. Determine national awards to be awarded yearly.
2. Review all award nominations.
3. Submit a list of recommended award recipients to the Executive Committee no later than two (2) months prior to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates.
4. Notify award recipients no later than one (1) month prior to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates.

Bylaws Committee:
1. Update bylaws no less than annually to reflect current operations and needs of the organization.
2. Review bylaws upon request of chapter members, leaders, or advisors.
3. Submit proposed edits to the Executive Committee for approval prior to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates.
4. Present proposed changes to bylaws at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates for approval/rejection by the organization.

Communications Committee
1. Oversee all electronic media content disseminated on behalf of Phi Lambda Sigma.
2. Manage Phi Lambda Sigma social media platforms.
3. Generate social media outreach content.
4. Approve social media content submitted by members.

Finance Committee
1. Maintain oversight of the financial records for the Society.
2. Maintain oversight of the annual budget planning process.
3. Provide recommendation, along with the Treasurer, to the Executive Committee regarding financial oversight policies and procedures, including but not limited to advisement on the annual risk tolerance assessment and investment objectives.
4. Develop, implement, and monitor financial management policies.
5. Recommend custodians, investment managers, and consultants as needed for the management of the funds and report actions to the Executive Committee.
6. Evaluate and monitor custodians, investment managers, and consultants and report to the Executive Committee at least annually.
7. Monitor the effects of the spending policy and recommend modifications as appropriate.

International Affairs Committee
1. Promote the general welfare of Phi Lambda Sigma to enhance the image, quality and reputation of the organization.
2. Form a stepping-stone with international pharmacy schools with the intent of establishing foreign chapters.
3. Promote Phi Lambda Sigma as the premiere pharmacy leadership society at international pharmacy conferences and meetings.
4. Establish foreign chapters by completing campus visits, reaching out to school advisors and promoting PLS to student leaders.
5. Help foreign students who aspire to be leaders by offering an opportunity to be recognized as a PLS member.

Nominating Committee
1. Work with the Executive Director to announce to the chapters the upcoming election of national officers at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting.
2. Meet and communicate back to candidates the slate to be presented at the House of Delegates
3. Send out a packet to the chapters regarding the candidates for office in a timely fashion prior to the house of delegates
4. Give a report to the House of Delegates announcing those persons who have been slated for each office.
5. Host webinar for potential candidates

Programming Committee:
1. Establish a 3-year plan for GiANT advanced facilitators and dissemination to chapters
2. Develop programming for annual meeting and/or retreat, including philanthropy for local charities in the host city
3. Explore opportunities for other programming or leadership development, as needed
4. Work with other committees to develop Webinars on leadership development or other pertinent topics

Student Engagement Committee:
1. Conduct a survey on best practices for chapter operations
2. Develop a chapter operations and common language manual, including single-page highlights and a webinar series
3. Establish objective criteria for prioritizing chapter visits, including outreach to at-risk chapters
4. Work with awards committee to revise chapter report submission process, utilizing chapter feedback
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