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Lehi HS Marching Band 2019 Registration
Register to participate in Lehi High School Marching Band
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We use several mediums to communicate with the band. We will send out weekly email updates via a program called Charms. We will also send out various text updates using the Remind app. Additionally, we encourage everyone to copy the band calendar to your personal calendar. You can do so by going to the band website. locating the band calendar, and clicking in the bottom corner to add to your personal calendar (see image below).
As a member of the Lehi High School Marching Band, I aree to abide by the following policies and procedures. I further understand that for the betterment of the band, a violation of any one of these policies may result in removal from teh Lehi Marching Band program.

1> Attendance Policy:
Expectations: ​Show Up! ​Everyone is counting on you!​ In order to have successful band rehearsals and performances, it is essential that we have full attendance. ​The absence of one person not only affects that person, but also the entire group. ​The critical factors of uniformity, balance, spacing and alignment cannot be improved or maintained with absences.
Legitimate Excuses:​ Legitimate excuses for rehearsal or performance are: illness, accident, serious illness/death in the family, and doctor’s appointments. If possible, contact Mr. Parker ( ​prior​ to an absence. ​Students must bring an excuse note from parent or guardian following any absence. ​A ​request​ to be excused from a ​future​ rehearsal or performance must be submitted at the earliest possible time and will be considered by the director, pending the legitimacy of the case presented.
Unexcused Absence:​ Unexcused absence from a performance is unacceptable and may result in dismissal from the marching band. Absences, tardiness or leaving early because of work or homework are ​not excused. ​Problems with absences, tardiness or leaving early from rehearsal will be given appropriate consequences regarding performance opportunities.
Summer Months: ​For summer rehearsals, we are very flexible and can work with absences due to Scout camps, vacations, EFY, etc. We expect that conflicts be communicated upfront before the Step Off Meeting and we will work with individuals on an individual basis. If you have questions, please ask one of the directors.
Ask:​ If you are not sure or have a request, problem, or question, ​ask​ the band director at the earliest possible time.
2> All music/routine must be memorized by the designated deadlines or you may be assigned an alternate position. Music must be passed off to section leaders, designated staff and/or Director.
Section leaders are there to help you, so please use their help with the music.
3> Members may be asked to perform their Drill Segments and marching technique for their section leaders, staff and/or Director. Drill segments will include proper field position, horn position, body motion, music performance, etc.
4> Attendance at sectionals is required. Any absence must have prior approval by section leader and Director.
5> All fees are non refundable and must be paid in compliance with the payment schedule.
6> I will not complain to anyone who cannot fix the problem. If the problem cannot be fixed, I will not complain. I will not listen to anyone else complain!

I understand these policies and realize that the success of the Lehi Band is dependent on my dedication and commitment to individual excellence. My attitude and ability will combine with other members to create the spirit and precision of the Lehi Band. I agree to be removed from the show if these expectations are not fulfilled. *
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