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Resolution to Decriminalize Sexwork
Where as criminalization of prostitution creates exploitative and unsafe work conditions,

Whereas local Police Departments and District Attorneys continue to arrest and charge prostitution offenses primarily against poor people, people of color, LGBTQ people, homeless people and youth, including sex trafficking victims,

Therefore Be It Resolved that the California Democratic Party continue to support policies to expand rights for people involved in prostitution to access equal protection under the law and employ safety measures on those jobs,

Therefore Be It Resolved That the California Democratic Party support the complete decriminalization of prostitution.

Maxine Doogan
Endorsed by
CalDem Region 6 4/29/2019
Hene Kelly
Margarita Lacabe, AD 18
Mike Katz-Lacabe, AD 18
Claire Alwyne, CEO Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project
Cullen Tiernan, AD 20
Matt Corrales, AD 75
Jillynn Molina-Williams, AD 7
Glenn Glazer, AD 29
Eric Gudz, AD4
Mary Carter AD74
Brent Turner. AD 24
Helene Rouvier AD 2
Nick Langarica AD13
Natalie Higley AD4
Wendy Bloom AD 15
Ricardo 'Rico' Franco AD 23
Courtney Masella-O'Brien, AD 14
Susana Williams AD11
Peter Kinnally AD71
David Mandel, AD 7
Angel Rodriquez AD 31
Carlos F Estrada AD 53
Vinnie Bacon AD 20
Alfred Twu, AD15
Robi Camacho AD2
Karen Cunningham McNair AD4
Manage Araceli Garcia Munoz AD31,
Exec Board Estevan Gutierrez AD05
Bruce McLean Bruce McLean AD3
Nathaniel Perry AD3
Amar Singh Shergill AD9
Tanweer Ahmad AD 8
Melissa Johnson-Camacho AD-4
Michael Thaller AD79
Leslie Davies AD 76
Andres Ramos, AD 63
Victor Costa, AD 12 Dolly Adams AD20
Barisha Spriggs AD20
Michael Gannon Petrivelli AD71
Diddo Clark AD 16
Laura Foote AD 17
Roxanne AD27
Brandon Harami AD 19
Francisca Gallardo AD 17
Kristen Asato-Wenb AD17
Kevin Ortiz AD 17
Pratima Gupta AD 17
Frances Hsieh, AD 17
Tami Bryant AD 17
Benjamin Paul
Southern Alameda County Progressive Democrats
Herb Engstrom AD28
Cari Templeton AD24
Shay Franco-Clausen
Andrea Mecapinlac AD 28
Emily Ann Ramos AD24
Ray Mueller AD27
Wendy Ho AD 29
Jim Cohen AD 27

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