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Local First Creative Arts involvement form
Do you have an interest in pairing your artistic skills with local businesses to help support the local economy? Please fill out this form, and we will contact you about your potential to get involved!

Our projects are primarily volunteer-based with the intent to compensate artists through fundraising, grant proposals and sponsorships.

PLEASE NOTE that this form is just a place for us to gather information about you. It is not a proposal form. For more information, visit

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How did you hear about Local First's Creative Arts Initiative?
Why do you want to work for Local First? (Alternatively, why is keeping our economy "local" important to you?)
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When it comes to collaboration, what interests you the most?
How many hours per week would you be able to devote to this position?
When it comes to incentives, which of the following are true for you?
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How comfortable are you with public outreach? (Projects involve speaking with lots of local business owners and city officials!)
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