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Currently, there is no easy and reliable way to find information on local businesses, products, services, events and activities in Mongolia. This is not only a problem for locals and businesses, but it is a bigger problem for expats, tourists and repats. The data exists but it is not well collected, structured and made accessible. We call this a "black-box data effect".

A group of volunteers, consisting of engineers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and students, have formed a team and are aiming to provide a platform to solve the problem. The idea we have come up with is a hackathon through which we engage the very people that have knowledge and experience of the problem and come up with a solution. Our goal is to be the hub to connect various groups of people with various types of information resources and thus, we have named the hackathon: "HUB". HUB, coincidentally, stands for: "Hack UB".

10 teams will participate. Each team will consist of up to 7 members including developers, designers, PM and marketer. Each team will be led by a tech adviser (in-person or remote) with technical experience and knowledge. They will build a product that will help solve the problem domain. We are looking for industry experts who can join the HackUB Judge Team, hear and see the pitch of the participating teams, score their solutions and identify the top solutions!

Q: Remote?
A: No problem! As long as you are wiling to work with us on time difference, be available online to see all the pitches and score - we are good.

Q: What is expected from me as a judge?
A: Your availability and then your unbiased judging mentality respective to your area of expertise and skills. When judging and scoring each pitch, we would like judges to provide brief reasoning in writing on why they gave the score to the products with Pros/Cons breakdowns.

Q: What type of product am I going to judging?
A: Most likely, participants will build a web app or a mobile app or both.

Q: Will participants build and pitch right away without production experiment?
A: No. Participants will be asked to build their solution and market it. They will be asked to launch their solution, engage at least 20 different business users and engage 200+ users.

Q: How will user engagement impact judging?
A: Participants will be asked to get feedback from users they engage. The feedback will be in the form of 5-star rating as well as text. Judges should take customer feedback into considerations when they give out final scores to the teams.

Q: What areas should judges be focusing on?
A: The following areas should be considered:
- Innovation/Creativity
- UX/UI/Design
- Features and Functionalities
- Marketing
- Finance plan
- Operations (business metrics, service metrics)

Q: What are the desired requirements for teams to have in their product?
A: The following are desired:
- Fully functioning web app or mobile app
- Content in English
- Ability to enter information (business registration, customer review)
- Text search capability
- Voice search capability
- Customer feedback

Q: When is the pitch day and what is the timeline?
A: Tentative date is: 8/8th 10AM - 16:00PM ( Mongolian Time )

Q: When will the result be announced?
A: Tentative date is: 8/9th 10AM

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