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Referendum on Promotion Mitigation
To conclude the Extension of Retirement Age, pace of promotion is one of the important issue that we focus on. Throughout the survey period, ISD has reiterated their concerns towards the impact on promotion. FAU do appreciate the understanding shown by our Management on the slow promotion pace. In which FAU aims to establish an effective and practical mitigation on promotion. Therefore, FAU once again proposed to review the mechanism of fast track promotion.

FAU certainly understand the importance to recognize and motivate the "Real Top Performer". However, we must also emphasise the balance made to ensure the morale of the general crew community maintains in a long run.

In brief, the current policy allows the top 5% top performers taking up 20% of the promotion quota which is far beyond reasonable proportion. To prorate it on an equitable basis, the 5 % top performers shall takes up 7% of the eligible quota only and the 75% normal track shall be eligible for the remaining 93% in each opening. We believe by adjusting the ratio, it could make a well balance between the recognition program in place and the promotion pace for general community.

In order to attain a comprehensive view from our Members, we would like to invite you to express your view in supporting the review of promotion policy and the promotion quota for top performers.

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Do you support to review and adjust the ratio for the 5% top performers on an equitable basis from 20% to 7% to mitigate the pace of promotion. *
Besides Promotion and Retirement Age, we are close to our Year End Negotiation as well, your input is vital for us to achieve more, Please feel free to leave your input here. Thank you for your participation.
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