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Application for Vice President of Academic Affairs
Elections will begin 8:00am Thursday, February 15th and end 8:00am Thursday February 22nd.

If a candidate would like to be added to the official ballot, he/she/ze/they must submit this completed form by midnight on Saturday, February 10th. Non-official candidates can still run for the position but they will be write-in candidates.

There will be a mandatory meeting of all executive candidates and Election Board at 1:00 pm on Sunday, February 11th in the SGA Offices (JRC 222) to address campaign and election procedures.

(In accordance with Article I, Section 1B of the Student Government Association By-Laws)

1. The Vice President of Academic Affairs shall serve as the chief SGA advocate to the administration, faculty, student body, the Board of Trustees, other colleges, and community organizations in all academic matters.
2. Co shall support the President in creation of semester agendas and execution of all Campus Council directives regarding academic affairs.
3. Co shall oversee all organizational aspects of the Student Educational Policy Committees (SEPCs).
4. Co shall be a member of the College Curriculum Committee (CCC).
5. Co shall be the Chair of the Student Council on Curriculum (SCC).
6. Co shall report directly to and communicate consistently with the President of SGA.
7. Co shall be responsible for pressing charges in the college Judicial Council on behalf of the student body.
8. Co shall preside over Campus Council in the temporary absence of the Presiding Officer and Cabinet Meetings in the temporary absence of the President.
9. Co, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and the President shall appoint other Cabinet Officers with the approval of two-thirds of Campus Council.
10. Co, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and the President shall appoint the student members of all college committees upon request.
11. Co shall meet regularly with the College President, the Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Institutional Planning, and the Dean of the College

I understand the responsibilities of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and will uphold them if elected by the student body. I have read the election regulations for SGA executive elections and agree to adhere to them as an official candidate. *
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Can you attend the Executive Debate held at 8:00 pm on Thursday, February 22nd? *
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