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Kakuma Learning Network
Kakuma Learning Network is focusing on developing 8 projects:

International Story Telling Competition: raise awareness about the camp by getting others to participate internationally

From camp to campus is mentorship program. Led by students that used to live in the camp but are at different campuses

STEM is combining science technology engineering mathematics to solve problems. We want to teach about emerging technologies and create new stem based projects in the future

Refugees for refugees: is a program within the community looking to help vulnerable populations

Hopegivers: is a network of volunteer looking to help refugee students

Pascal Academy Africa: a program that is looking to develop a new educational system within Africa and revolutionize education

Reshaping Napata Secondary School: this is still a developing but we are hoping to help the school with education!

Kakuma Art: We are looking to develop a pool of talented artists within in Kakuma

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