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JOIN's Gifts for Families Program: Santapalooza 2017
Help us bring holiday magic to JOIN families! The holiday gifts you provide bring smiles and lasting joy to children, as well as relief for their parents who won't have to decide between paying rent or bills and providing a holiday experience for their children.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

How it works:
This program pairs generous community members like you with one or more families that have received services from JOIN in the past year. Families have either recently moved into a home with JOIN's support or are currently homeless and working towards a transition into housing. The JOIN families who have signed up to be a part of this program have brainstormed several gift ideas for each family member and are waiting to be matched with their secret Santa (you!).

Development Associate (and Santapalooza Coordinator), Holly Sullins, will email on Thursday, November 16th the family's wish list along with other pertinent details including drop-off information.


What information will I receive?
You will receive the name, age, gender, sizes, and gift ideas with their interests for all members of the household in your requested family size range. We will also include the family's ethnicity so that if they identify gifts like dolls, books or hair care products, you can do your best to honor their unique cultural and ethnic identity.

What is expected?
If you have capacity to include the parent(s) or more than one gift per person, that is wonderful but we certainly do not expect it. We ask that gifts be new, wrapped and that each gift has a securely adhered tag that indicates the child's/parent's name as well as the family name.

I have used items that I'd like to include. What should I do?
We do ask that all Santapalooza gifts be new and wrapped. Many JOIN families have very limited financial resources and receive second-hand items throughout the year. If you have very gently used items, for example kid's clothing or a jacket that is a requested size, you may include it in a non-wrapped bag/box. Used items should not replace a person's only new gift from their wish list. Feel free to include a note to the family explaining any non-wrapped items.

Drop Off Deadline
Gifts need to be dropped off to JOIN by Sunday, December 17th so that we have enough time to deliver them to the families! Drop off times (there will be many options to choose from) will be shared with your family's brainstormed list on Thursday, November 16th. JOIN's physical address is 1435 NE 81st Ave, Portland, OR 97213.

Can I help deliver gifts?
It is very thoughtful of you to offer to deliver gifts. In the past, we've found that when a "Santa" delivers gifts directly to a family, it can create uncomfortable feelings for the family. To avoid that possibility, we prefer that our staff who have strong relationships with the family deliver the gifts.

How many families does this program serve?
Last year, generous folks like yourself adopted a total of 110 JOIN families - representing 430 individuals! Thank you for helping us bring a joyful and meaningful holiday experience to so many families.

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