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Svalbard Science SVALHOLA registration
An international working group (SVALHOLA) was established during the Svalbard Science Forum workshop “Svalbard Holocene Assembly on glaciers and climate history: A network for merging archives and promoting scientific and logistical collaboration” (Project number 283458) at UNIS, February 1-3, 2019. Thirty-six early career and senior researchers in addition to students from ten countries attended the workshop. Future scientific questions were identified. The main questions focused on how the Holocene environmental history in Svalbard may provide key information about the future operation and state of the Arctic climate system. Yet, the network also identified areas were additional expertise was required, such as Earth System modeling and palaeo-ecology, which can greatly help identify key future science questions to address in future funding proposals. During the meeting, the following objectives will be addressed:
1) Identify future scientific questions that should be the focus for future collaboration.
2) Establish a meta database with existing data and discuss links to SIOS.
3) Dissemination of the results: workshop report, white paper (which may form the basis of a funding application).

The workshop will take place at the Scandic Fornebu Hotel in Oslo, Norway (the same place as the Svalbard Science Conference), and it will begin in the morning of Thursday November 7 and end Friday November 8 after lunch. The workshop will cover lunches and dinner during the workshop. Other costs must be covered by the participants. NB Workshop participants are expected to take part in the Svalbard Science Conference prior to the workshop. Please register for the workshop before October 1 using this google form. Registration for the Svalbard Science conference can be found here:

Kind regards,
The organizing committee on behalf of the SVALHOLA network (Katrine Husum, Wesley Farnsworth, Mike Retelle, Alexandra Rouillard, Willem van der Bilt, Phoebe Chan, Anna Pienkowski, Astrid Lyså, Marc Macias-Fauria, Mark Furze, and Matt Strzeleck)
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