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Night at the Grille 2020.5
The first night of many to come hang out in the Grille with your febby friends. Sign up and play the flute, do a cartwheel, or sing that one song that you totally know off-handedly but actually practice day and night in front of the mirror!!! Super casual, just for fun, why not go for it?!
What's your name? First, Middle, and Last. *
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Would you like to partake in Night at the Grille?! *
What would you like to do? Give us a little tweet about what you think you might do, this can be flexible!
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Do you need music?
Is this a solo act, or will you have fellow superstars accompanying you?
If you're a feb group leader, what's up? me too. If you want to perform squad deep just write in your feb group pls/thx.
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I don't know how to put in something that's not a question but hey! thanks for taking this! I hope you have so much fun and we cannot wait to see you perform!
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