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Environmental Film Festival Screener Application
The Environmental Film Festival is seeking applications from inquisitive and environmentally engaged film lovers to join our Screening Team for our 2018 Festival year! Screeners are an integral part of the Programming Team and are responsible for watching and reviewing film submissions for the festival. In 2017, we had over 600 submissions from 45+ countries and programmed 178 films for the festival.

The reviewing process runs from July-December. We seek a minimum two-month commitment, although we welcome and encourage screeners to take part in the full six month reviewing period. Screeners are required to watch and evaluate 20 films – both shorts and features – per month. Films will be assigned at the start of each month through a database system called Film Freeway. Screeners must watch and write review all assigned films before the end of the month. This process can be done remotely (all you need is access to wifi.)

Screeners will receive free access at three of our signature venues--Carnegie Institution for Science, E Street and the Naval Heritage Center--at the 2018 Festival in Washington DC, as well as recognition in our printed program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Programming Manager, Molly Berg:

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Where do you live? (City/State/Country)
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Why do you want to be a screener for the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (DCEFF) (250 words or less)?
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What are your qualifications to be a screener? Please include any relevant experience or interests (500 words or less).
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Have you ever attended any DCEFF events in the past? If so, please share more about your experience(s).
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Have you ever served as a volunteer for DCEFF?
What are your three favorite films of all time?
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Please watch and review the following short films: PICKLE (15 min); NORTHBOUND (9 min); THE HIGH DIVIDE (16 min) and ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BEATING HEARTS (15 min)
You should provide a number score and elaborate (5-10 sentences) on why you chose that score.
10: One of the best environmental films you have ever seen.
9-8: A film to definitely recommend to the EFF Programming Committee: a direct environmental message (possibly relevant to the EFF theme); an engaging story (identifiable story structure and good pacing); high production value (videography, sound, editing); a call to action.
7-6: Has environmental content, but lacks one or two of the elements above (or may have too much self-promotion). It might be worth a look by the Programming Committee, but you have some reservations.
5-4: Has environmental content, but lacks many of the elements above and is not likely to make it into the festival.
1-3: This would include NONE of the elements above (No environmental message; extremely poor production value, etc.)
PICKLE review
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AVAILABILITY: Screeners will be assigned to a two-month period of reviewing 20 films per month (both shorts and features). Please specify which section(s) you would like to be in.
If these dates don't work for you, please specify your availability:
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