Major League Soccer Survey

Participant Information Sheet

You are being asked to take part in research which looks to establish what makes fans attend Major League Soccer matches. This research focuses on the team you support, uncertainty of the match outcome, the pricing of the tickets, travelling distance and many more areas of discussion. This research is focused at any football fan that follows the Major League Soccer, who is 16 or over. This research will be submitted for my Dissertation at Leeds Becket University.

All the information gathered for this study will be used in anonymous, this means that your name will not be used throughout the study and that your information will only be used in this study. Once the study is complete your information will be destroyed according to the university's guidelines. You can withdraw from the study at any point by noting the date and time you submitted the survey and emailing the researcher along with your team supported. Your data will be deleted immediately with no questions asked.

Researcher: Henry Lee-Wilkins (
Supervisor: Alex Bond (
Independent Person (LREC): (

I confirm;

I have read the participant information sheet for this study and understand what i am participating in.

I understand that i can withdraw from the study at any point and the data will be destroyed.

I am 16 years or over.

I have been given contact details to answer any further questions i have for this study.

I understand that taking part in this study will be done anonymously.

I understand the findings could potentially be published in academic journals or presented at conferences.


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