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Your thoughts on this Online Educational Tool
Thank you for taking time to provide feedback based on using Xchange Scotland's Online Educational tool. Now that you've navigated through the tool, we'd really appreciate your feedback on the 3 very, short sections to this survey.

This information will help us to develop and keep learning and it'll be part of our final report to the Scottish Government' Community Safety Unit (funding the Tackling Sectarianism Programme) and to the Voluntary Action Fund who are supporting our 'Make sectarianism A History Lesson' project to achieve the national outcomes to tackle sectarianism in Scotland and to develop positive communities along the way.

We hope this Innovative tool will become a useful part in the future of working with a very diverse range of people in how to overcome prejudice and sectarian attitudes along with making a modern Scotland. We value your honest opinion and thank you for taking part in this evaluation.

Do you agree or disagree that this tool is an innovative way of using education to combat Sectarianism and Prejudice.
Do you agree that a practitioner new to the topic of sectarianism in Scotland could use this tool to begin building a successful session or project dedicated to tackling sectarianism?
Now that you have navigated through the tool, which of the below do you most agree with?
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