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Winter Backcountry Safety Survey
Sponsored by the Summit County Rescue Group
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What is your age demographic?
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What gender do you identify as?
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What is your preferred backcountry activity?
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Do you plan to go into the backcountry more this year than in prior years?
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If you answered "yes" to the last question, why?
Did you buy a ski pass?
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If you answered "no" to the last question, why?
What is your backcountry skiing experience?
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Do you have any experience with avalanche education/training?
What resources do you use  before you recreate in the backcountry?
How frequently do you check the avalanche danger or forecast scale throughout the season?
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Where do you usually go in the backcountry? I.e. general trailheads/parking area.  Responses can be viewed by all participants, no need to share your secret spot.
Do you bring avalanche rescue equipment?
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If you don't bring avalanche rescue equipment, why not?
If you sometimes bring avalanche rescue equipment, why?
If you sometimes bring avalanche rescue equipment, what do you bring?
If you always bring avalanche rescue equipment, what do you bring?
How often do you practice with your transceiver/shovel/probe?
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When you recreate in avalanche terrain, who do you go with?
What do you do to prepare for your trips in avalanche terrain?
Do you plan alternative routes in case where you want to go doesn't seem safe?
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How do you decide whether to ride a certain slope or not?
Do you or your group have certain "reg flags" that tell you this route is a "no go"?
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What reg flags do you or your group look for?
Do you feel that everyone in your group (or the voices in your head) are able to say "stop" at any point to evaluate your decisions?
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Do you and/or your group listen to members who share their concern?
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Typically, how long are your tours?
Do you bring any of the "ten backcountry essentials?"
Do you have any medical training?
If you see or cause an avalanche in the backcountry and no one is hurt, what do you do?
If you ran into an emergency situation in the backcountry, what would you do?
What is your county of residence?
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