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Virtual Learning Observation - Hanrahan
The purpose of the tool is to provide a standard rubric and a set of 'look-fors" during observations of virtual learning experiences.

The focus areas are:
Student Engagement
Questioning Strategies
Teacher Feedback
Social-Emotional Learning and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Technology Use
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Grade Level
Focus of Observation *
Start Time
Stop Time
Date of Observation
Classroom Environment, Academic Expectations, Culture, & Belonging
Does the teacher manage student behavior? *
Does it appear that the environment creates a positive learning climate that brings out the best in students? Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, select all that you think apply.
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Describe what technology was used and how effective it was used. For instance, was the technology used successfully by the teacher for presentations and feedback; was the technology used successfully by the students for learning and assessments; were there any technical errors or access issues?
Is Google Classroom available? *
Does the Google Classroom include student assignments, office hours, teacher contact information, and pertinent instructional information?
What learning activities are occurring during the observation? *
Comments on academic expectations, culture, and belonging among the class
Instructional Impact
Please mark any of the following indicators that are evident in the classroom. *
Are the majority of students willing and able to participate in virtual learning instructional activities using technology given the current climate? Please use the attached matrix to provide a rating of 1-4.
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Comments/Instructional Impact
Do teachers provide students with instructional feedback during the observation?
Are the online instructional activities aligned to State Standards and presented at the appropriate grade level?
Checking for Understanding (Assessment)
Are students engaged in a formative assessment? *
Are informal assessments used to explain, break down, and/or help students better understand lesson/lesson activities? *
General Comments & Observations
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