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Enter a Name into the Rapist Database
Please use this form to receive a notice when a charge is made against someone with the same name. With 99% of rapists never seeing a day of jail time and 98% of rapists being repeat offenders, there may be a way to find strength in numbers and increase the conviction rate of rapists with multiple offenses.

Reporting a rape is a very personal choice and is not the right choice for everyone. All information collected through this form will be kept confidential, but users may select the option of receiving a notice if another person enters the name of the same rapist in our database. For more information about how this database works, please visit,

Dancing is My Voice considers the safety and confidentiality of survivors to be of the highest importance. Entering information into this form assumes a confidential relationship.

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If someone has raped you, it is NEVER YOUR FAULT.

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