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NeuroLex Innovation Fellows: Tribe 3 (rolling deadline)

NeuroLex Laboratories is a seed-stage diagnostics company applying speech analysis to detect various health conditions early, before full-blown symptoms occur. Our core vision is to pioneer a universal voice test, like a blood test with extracted features and reference ranges, for use in primary care to detect psychiatric and neurological conditions. Over the past year, we have expanded our team to over 5 people, launched 7 research pilots, built a pipeline of over 80 startup and research collaborators, and have been featured in various press outlets such as the Atlantic and PsychNews.


The NeuroLex Innovation Fellows (NIF) was formed as a way to efficiently engage outstanding individuals who want to be a part of our company in some way. We’ve spoken to many individuals who love our vision and who often have a very personal story to share with us, with amazing talents that could be equipped to help our company. You understand the impact that our universal voice test can have in the world at scale. We’ve thus created this program to engage you to help grow our company while simultaneously helping you grow in whatever career path that you decide to pursue.

You can think of our Innovation Fellows program as a way to get hands-on experience in a specific area of a seed-stage software diagnostics company. The goal end-to-end is to inspire you to help grow our company and use our company’s networks and resources to help you reach your career goals faster.

We believe this a win-win for you and our company because you can build a strong network and intuition as to what it’s like to work within a software startup company in healthcare while simultaneously getting hands-on experience. Our company will likewise become more efficient by leveraging your knowledge and talent. Together, we will have a direct, large-scale impact on patients.

We will be doing the Innovation Fellows program in “tribes.” We believe this format will help focus the program and create a community that will have lasting impact.

Each tribe will last 6 months and cover a range of topics. The tribe culminates in a virtual Demo Day where each Innovation Fellow comes up with a demo to innovate within NeuroLex in some way. This demo can be in any area, but is usually focused in one of four categories: research, software, data science, and/or sales. After being accepted an choosing a demo category, you will be matched with a mentor to help you propose and defend your demo @ Demo Day. In the end, the goal is to have this demo enable you to go in the direction you would like to pursue and will enable us to recommend you to proceed in that direction.


Tribe 3 will last from May 2018-October 2018, ending in a demo day on October 27th, 2018. The deadline is rolling; we're always looking for amazing people! :)

If you are interested, please fill out the application below. By submitting the application you agree to the contest rules (found @ We look forward to hearing from you!

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