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The FOOD CHAIN WORKERS ALLIANCE joins the call for a National Day of Action on International Workers Day.

The Food Chain Workers Alliance is a coalition of 31 worker-based organizations whose members plant, harvest, process, pack, transport, prepare, serve, and sell food, organizing to improve wages and working conditions for all workers along the food chain. We call on partners and allies to unite with us on May Day to fight for a world where the most marginalized working families live with dignity, safety, and power.

Our Statement.

Whereas food workers and their families, especially immigrants and people of color, are being subjected to extreme and escalating attacks on their dignity and security in the Trump era;

Whereas corporations and their agents in government are seeking the outright destruction of labor unions, worker centers, and other working-class organizations;

Whereas the federal government is carrying out increasingly aggressive assaults against indigenous sovereignty, immigrant and African-American families, women, LGBTQ people, the Muslim community, and other marginalized groups;

Whereas this administration claims to restore Americans jobs, but its policies result in more job loss, including from technology and automation, and will not protect the jobs or help improve job quality of workers along the food chain.

Whereas white supremacy, phony economic populism, xenophobia, misinformation, and brazen corruption have emerged as the defining characteristics of this presidential administration with grave consequences for human life and the planet;

Whereas policies promoted by those in power that deepen economic inequality, dismantle public institutions, allow corporate malfeasance with impunity, and degrade environmental protections are a serious threat to the long-term security and well-being of people;

Whereas attacks against marginalized people require dramatic response from all people of conscience;

Whereas working people and their allies across communities are demonstrating a new and energetic readiness for large-scale action;

Whereas Food Chain Workers Alliance member organizations and partner groups have the ability to make a unique contribution to a national day of action and the overall resistance movement.


*We commit to participating in the national day of action on May Day 2018, International Workers Day, including local MARCHES, RALLIES, and STRIKE actions in our communities and encouraging our networks to participate as well.

*We commit to take action beyond May Day in support of all marginalized and oppressed peoples.
See Below to endorse this statement and join the call.

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