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2019 Rio Zouk Immersion Application
Welcome Rio Zouk Immersion Applicants! Please take your time with this survey to give us the best possible view of your dance experience and your desired experience while training in Brazil. Obrigado e Abrazos!
Email address *
Full Name (as shown on passport) *
Age: *
Phone #. (include country code) *
Facebook Name: *
City *
Country *
Sex *
Role *
I have a Passport Valid until at least February of 2020? (if no please get a new one right away) *
I have a Brazilian visa
I have medical travel insurance *
I have been dancing zouk for: *
I have been teaching Zouk for: *
My Brazilian Zouk Training: (please list in chronological order your instructors names, number of hours trained, specify private or group, & frequency of social dancing in your community & or traveling to events). *
My other dance or movement training background is: (please list number of years at what age and style of other dance.
I have traveled internationally for dance training or events? *
I have traveled to Brazil before for dance? *
I make a great candidate for a program like this because:
I would like to contribute to a program like this by:
I would like to attend this course mainly because i hope: *
I understand that this program uses a room share arrangement for student accommodations & although my suggestions will be taken into consideration that the director will make the final call on whom i share a room with. Many students of the course share a bed with two people. I will only share my room with participants of the same gender unless I am traveling with a spouse & pay extra for a private room. 2-3 persons per room. For questions about rooms please email *
Health conditions that could impact my ability to train or perform with the team? *
I found out about this program the first time by seeing it or hearing about it through? *
We highly encourage you to submit a video of you dancing at least 60 seconds in length to help us in the approval process. However it is not required.
I heard from a friend about this course for my first time ever & that friends name is:
I would like to attend in the year: *
Another thing that makes me a great candidate for this immersion course is: *
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